Copy Folder Recursively in Google Drive

The Copy Folder Chrome plugin tool from the Chrome Web Store makes recursively copying folders in Google Drive seamless. A few things that made the experience work effectively for me include:

  • When searching for the folder to copy, I used the date as way to make sure I was selecting the right folder.
  • I specified a target folder with a fairly unique name, this helps if you have to manually resume a long involved copy routine. Which I did. The unique name made it easy to find the folder in the search for resuming.
  • For a large copy I was doing it stopped multiple times due to the “google quotas” and restarted itself. However, after about two hours I had to resume it manually with the applications resume functionality. The resumption worked, however it paused again after about ten minutes and I had to resume again manually. The manual resumption functionality appears to be reusable infinitely and uses the metadata stored in the target folder. Perfect, good Job Eric Dauenhauer!

The appilcation has 5 stars with 233 reviews. This one is great:

  • “Thanks for creating this app Eric! I can’t believe that Google Drive doesn’t have this basic functionality. You are obviously smarter than Google.”
Drive a Successful Open Source Project

These are notes based on “Patterns and Practices for Open Source Project Success” Have a single command to…

  • setup environment correctly
  • build the entire project
  • run the tests

Developers should get to a known good state in about 1 hour. Documentation should initially provide a rough idea of how the high level concepts hang together. People need to get to a known state quickly.

How do you increase your user base? (How do you make it easy to install/configure/use the software?) Software Construction Activity

  • Project Exes Published - Availability
  • Project Install Automated
  • Project Bug Tracking

Community Development

  • Project License
  • FAQs, How/to
  • Forums, Email

how do you encourage developers? (How do you make it easy to build/test/experiment) Software Construction Activity

  • Complete Src Published
  • Project Build Automated
  • Project Test Automated

Community Development

  • Mission Statement
  • Contribution Guidelines
  • Comms Platform
  • Code of Conduct

How do you make it easy to contribute? (What do you communicate to your community) Software Construction Activity

  • Basic Arch Description
  • Project Build Automated II (CI & CD) Not Local
  • Project Test Automated II (CI & CD) Not Local

Community Development

  • Code of Conduct
  • Governmence
  • Events

When things start to grow you need to manage intellectual property

  • Project License
  • Repositories Protected
  • Dependencies Documented
  • Committer Governance
  • Contributions Auditted
  • Provenance Tracking
  • Provenance Management
  • Trademark Management
  • Committers indemnified
Los Angeles Devops September 2016

Los Angeles DevOps Meetup got together after a three month break for formal presentations at Stratalux. As usual there was beer and pizza, thanks to the sponsors. The two presentations both focused on usage of AWS.

The first presenter was Noah Zoschke, CTO at Convox. His presentation was about building minimal viable infrastructure using the 12 core services that AWS provides that can support most modern applications, with a focus on containerization and the open source PaaS called Convox that supports the usage of these 12 core services.

The second presenter was Jeremy Pryzgode, CEO & founder of Stratalaux. He explained through architecture diagrams consisting of AWS services and the ELK stack how Stralaux was building a monitoring system for tracking events in AWS Config and AWS Cloud Trail in the ELK stack. The ELK stack is elastic, logstash, and kibana.

If your intereseted in hosting Los Angeles DevOps, then please contact me at or on twitter @aslanbrooke.

Processing Mergers and Acquisitions

This small post is about “The Complete Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions: Process Tools to Support M Integration at Every Level, 3rd Edition” by Timothy J. Galpin. The first three chapters of this book have been insightful with figures and history. This small multi stage model was especially note worthy:

The Deal Flow Model

Map of M&A Process Stages and Issues: Pre-deal

Map of M&A Process Stages and Issues: Post-deal

Old Skool House, Trance, and HTML5 Art

Even with the small amount that I’ve listened to so far from DJ Monty, I can tell that he is spinning the type of Hard House and Trance I like. I guess I’m old skool. I’ve listened to only a small portion so please remember LISTENER BEWARE, I’m not responsible for what you hear or feel. Enjoy!