The Copy Folder Chrome plugin tool from the Chrome Web Store makes recursively copying folders in Google Drive seamless. A few things that made the experience work effectively for me include:

  • When searching for the folder to copy, I used the date as way to make sure I was selecting the right folder.
  • I specified a target folder with a fairly unique name, this helps if you have to manually resume a long involved copy routine. Which I did. The unique name made it easy to find the folder in the search for resuming.
  • For a large copy I was doing it stopped multiple times due to the “google quotas” and restarted itself. However, after about two hours I had to resume it manually with the applications resume functionality. The resumption worked, however it paused again after about ten minutes and I had to resume again manually. The manual resumption functionality appears to be reusable infinitely and uses the metadata stored in the target folder. Perfect, good Job Eric Dauenhauer!

The appilcation has 5 stars with 233 reviews. This one is great:

  • “Thanks for creating this app Eric! I can’t believe that Google Drive doesn’t have this basic functionality. You are obviously smarter than Google.”

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