These are notes based on “Patterns and Practices for Open Source Project Success” Have a single command to…

  • setup environment correctly
  • build the entire project
  • run the tests

Developers should get to a known good state in about 1 hour. Documentation should initially provide a rough idea of how the high level concepts hang together. People need to get to a known state quickly.

How do you increase your user base? (How do you make it easy to install/configure/use the software?) Software Construction Activity

  • Project Exes Published - Availability
  • Project Install Automated
  • Project Bug Tracking

Community Development

  • Project License
  • FAQs, How/to
  • Forums, Email

how do you encourage developers? (How do you make it easy to build/test/experiment) Software Construction Activity

  • Complete Src Published
  • Project Build Automated
  • Project Test Automated

Community Development

  • Mission Statement
  • Contribution Guidelines
  • Comms Platform
  • Code of Conduct

How do you make it easy to contribute? (What do you communicate to your community) Software Construction Activity

  • Basic Arch Description
  • Project Build Automated II (CI & CD) Not Local
  • Project Test Automated II (CI & CD) Not Local

Community Development

  • Code of Conduct
  • Governmence
  • Events

When things start to grow you need to manage intellectual property

  • Project License
  • Repositories Protected
  • Dependencies Documented
  • Committer Governance
  • Contributions Auditted
  • Provenance Tracking
  • Provenance Management
  • Trademark Management
  • Committers indemnified

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