Los Angeles DevOps Meetup got together after a three month break for formal presentations at Stratalux. As usual there was beer and pizza, thanks to the sponsors. The two presentations both focused on usage of AWS.

The first presenter was Noah Zoschke, CTO at Convox. His presentation was about building minimal viable infrastructure using the 12 core services that AWS provides that can support most modern applications, with a focus on containerization and the open source PaaS called Convox that supports the usage of these 12 core services.

The second presenter was Jeremy Pryzgode, CEO & founder of Stratalaux. He explained through architecture diagrams consisting of AWS services and the ELK stack how Stralaux was building a monitoring system for tracking events in AWS Config and AWS Cloud Trail in the ELK stack. The ELK stack is elastic, logstash, and kibana.

If your intereseted in hosting Los Angeles DevOps, then please contact me at aslandbrooke@yahoo.com or on twitter @aslanbrooke.

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