This post is an experimental step through of this excellent post: How to NTFS compress Windows WinSxS folder. I’m happy to report that it worked stunningly as can be seen in the following image:

Here are the steps followed. Start a command prompt as as Administrator and follow the stpes noted as titles below.

1. Query service status. Track its state.
sc query msiserver
sc query TrustedInstaller
2. Stop/disable Windows Installer and Windows Module Installer services
sc stop msiserver
sc stop TrustedInstaller
sc config msiserver start= disabled
sc config TrustedInstaller start= disabled
3. Backup ACLs for WinSxS folder.
icacls "%WINDIR%\WinSxS" /save "%WINDIR%\WinSxS.acl" /t
4. Take ownership of WinSxS folder
takeown /f "%WINDIR%\WinSxS" /r
5. Grant full rights on WinSxS to user
icacls "%WINDIR%\WinSxS" /grant "%USERDOMAIN%\%USERNAME%":(F) /t
6. Compress Folders
compact /s:"%WINDIR%\WinSxS" /c /a /i *
7. Restore ownership
icacls "%WINDIR%\WinSxS" /setowner "NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller" /t
8. Restore ACLs
icacls "%WINDIR%" /restore "%WINDIR%\WinSxS.acl"
del "%WINDIR%\WinSxS.acl"
9. Restore services, replace "demand" and "start" with the right state
sc config msiserver start= demand
sc config TrustedInstaller start= demand
sc start msiserver
sc start TrustedInstaller

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